This will be my first post on tarynnlivparker. The day I was laid off from my tech CEO job – March 15, 2020 – I had a great exhale… followed by, “OK. I CAN PAINT”. It didn’t occur to me to panic to find a business job, even though I just completed an Executive MBA. This crisis time leveled everything. And this is when I merged back onto the painting path. Easy or not, I have been leaving painting to the side for too long, and its time now, to breathe life into it, and commit. It hasn’t been hard because it’s all I want to do. I can’t express the gratitude I have for the artists who make the paintings, photographs, movies and music who utterly fill my life to the brim with beauty, bringing me to tears, laughs, rage and peace, and I am humbled to share in this realm, to heal and help us all along a little.