Oyama feels like home.

I moved in with Matt about 3 years ago. Leaving Summerland was a little torturous, but Oyama held a promise. The rough little cabin has been a canvas. It’s slowly transformed, and become a little jewel on Broadwater. It owes us little, but gives a lot. I can have a garden. I have built a giant earth oven. We pick cherries straight from the trees. We wander down our dirt driveway to the lake, or to the town’s big car-less walking trail around Wood Lake. It’s really good. I haven’t connected too much with people here yet, though. Save our landlord and the Allingham farm stand folks.  But I always talk with Joan, who walks her dog on our road daily. For years, really nice conversations on the side of the road. I have come to learn where she lives, up on the corner with a beautiful nut farm, and a gallery she’d run for years, since closed though… 

A few days ago, on a walk she told me she’s opening for a few weeks this summer, and because she’s so wonderfully curious, she’s been seeing me painting. Joan has invited me to participate and exhibit some work in the gallery. Once the dates are firm I will share them, along with the address.

Oyama is starting to feel like my home.