Sutra Series


Note from Tarynn Liv Parker

Sutra: A philosophical aphorism of utmost depth expressed in the fewest words so as to have little or no change through warped perception in the mind of the reader or through the decay of time. In Sanskrit a sutra can be composed of minimal characters yet once understood… or unfolded… becomes a treatise on its subject. A sutra is a symbol that when meditated upon produces a kind of alchemy or transformation in the mind of the perceiver, which brings forth the light of Truth. Sanskrit was a language built out of direct perception of universal truths, each word or character resonating with a tone/note of the universe. For me, using the vocabulary and notes of shape and colour I seek to build visual sutras of esoteric findings. Through this process I mine the depths for Truth  and light from the greater Self within.

Saint Germain

Acrylic on Canvas 54″ sq


Acrylic on Canvas 27″ sq

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