Tarynn’s life long practice of yoga, meditation, and her study of the esoteric arts and sciences are ‘the filters on the lens’ for Tarynn’s way of making art. She’s jumped in and out of art classes, but prefers to stay an “outsider”, where her influences can come from an experiential and internal source, often from meditations and contemplation of esoteric material.  Tarynn approaches her work as a spiritual practice of visualization, and aspiration that ultimately leads to unity with her subject.

She lives with her partner Matthew Fortuna, and their beloved dog Wilco. They all love to be on the trails in British Columbia and often travel to find nature (and good food and wine) everywhere they can tow their trailer. Tarynn is on skis or a bike when she isn’t on foot, a meditation cushion, a yoga mat, painting or cooking.

A Brief History

Tarynn was born in the Okanagan in the late seventies. She has spent a decade abroad living in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Vancouver, but she always finds her way back home to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. She has kept her roots down in the Okanagan for the past 10 years – in Summerland, Kelowna and now, Oyama.

Tarynn has been a photographer and graphic designer for over 20 years. Of her recent projects, some are best encapsulated in her British Columbia photo journal called The Field Guide, a culinary-centric website and social feeds that journal on life in the region. She has written, designed and photographed three books, “Okanagan 1, A Celebration Of The Canadian Wine Region ”, “Okanagan 2, A Celebration Of The Canadian Wine & Culinary Region ” and the third, “The Spirit Of The El”, a history and lifestyle book chronicling one of British Columbia’s storied heritage properties, The Hotel Eldorado.

Tarynn Liv Parker


South India
Oaxaca State, Mexico City, Mexico
Hong Kong



Most of the United States
Lots of Canada (especially BC)


Influences, In No Particular Order

dancing, Yoga, Surya World, forest baths, quality breathing, music music music (especially Marvin Gaye, John and Alice Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Ravi Shankar), Djwhal Khul, Alice Bailey, Lord Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, Kali, Maitreya, Sri M, Gayatri, Helena Blavatsky, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tao Te Ching, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Paul Klee, Hilma AF Klint, Frantisek Kupka, Nicholas Roerich, BauHaus, Helen Frankenthaler, Lee Krasner, Jules de Balincourt, Cy Twombly, intertidal pools, Sun meditations, my garden, Josef Albers, David Hockney, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, clean water, real food, traveling for food, traveling for trails, traveling for wine, traveling for artist visits, traveling to see friends, traveling to learn, traveling to get in nature, passionate chefs, dedicated crafts people, people who are kind, people who protect our trees, people who protect our oceans, people who fight for equality, real smiles, real laughs, TRUTH


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